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Beyond the City

Chapter XVII: “In Port at Last”

by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Mrs. Westmacott recounts the story to the Doctor and the Admiral after giving the Admiral his pension papers back. She spent the money that she was going to give to her brother on the Admiral’s papers. Her brother returned to her and was the one who struck her on the head. Harold is able to clear his name, the Admiral does not have to return to sea or move from his villa, both couples get married, and all live a full and happy life.

Main Street

Chapter 5

by Sinclair Lewis

Will and Carol attend a part at Sam Clark's house where they are introduced to the young up and comers of Gopher Prairie. Carol finds the conservative opinions of Gopher Prairie's citizens to be contrary to her own.

Agnes Grey

Chapter IV: The Grandmamma

by Anne Brontë

Agnes Grey details the behavior of the children, their father, and his mother. She laments the short vacation she was given to visit with her family, and finds understanding only in the nurse.

Main Street

Chapter 21

by Sinclair Lewis

Raymond and Vida, now active in town activities, are married. Vida is jealous and resentful of Carol taking Will's love for granted.