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Chapter 5

by Sinclair Lewis

George continues to admire Zenith as he prepares for lunch at the Athletic Club. Reluctantly, George acknowledges his feeling of discontent to Riesling.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Book Tenth, Chapter 1

by Victor Hugo

Pierre Gringoire, currently studying architecture in Paris, is approached by a distraught and unhealthy Claude Frollo. Claude Frollo presents a plan to Gringoire that will allow the condemned Esmeralda to escape death. in turn, Gringoire proposes a plan of his own.

The Jungle

Chapter 25

by Upton Sinclair

Jurgis' money is stolen by a dishonest bartender. Jurgis is imprisoned again after assaulting the bartender. Jack encounters Jack Duane for the second time while in prison. After his release from prison, Jurgis begins to work for organized crime.