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Main Street

Chapter 29

by Sinclair Lewis

Carol encounters Erik while walking with Hugh, and they discuss life in Gopher Prairie. Carol encourages Erik to pursue further education. Erik slowly earns the town's acceptance.

Peter Rabbit and Other Stories

“The Pie and the Patty-Pan”

by Beatrix Potter

When a little dog named Duchess gets an invitation to tea at the home of Ribby the cat, she becomes dreadfully afraid that Ribby is going to serve her mouse pie. Duchess bakes a delightful veal and ham pie and comes up with a very clever plan to substitute her own pie for Ribby’s. However, both of their pies become mixed up and each becomes dreadfully afraid that they have eaten a patty-pan.

Main Street

Chapter 23

by Sinclair Lewis

Raymond enlists, as America enters World War I. Kennicott's desire to enlist is discouraged by the Doctor's Council of Gopher Prairie. Now a wealthy businessman in Boston, Percy Bresnahan returns to visit his hometown amidst a great celebration from the all of Gopher Prairie.