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Jane Eyre

Chapter XX

by Charlotte Brontë

The same night, Jane is startled by a sudden cry for help. She hurries into the hallway, where Rochester assures everyone that a servant has merely had a nightmare. After everyone returns to bed, Rochester knocks on Jane’s door. He tells her that he can use her help and asks whether she is afraid of blood. He leads her to the third story of the house and shows her Mr. Mason, who has been stabbed in the arm. Rochester asks Jane to stanch the wound and then leaves, ordering Mason and Jane not to speak to one another. In the silence, Jane gazes at the image of the apostles and Christ’s crucifixion that is painted on the cabinet across from her. Rochester returns with a surgeon, and as the men tend to Mason’s wounds, Rochester sends Jane to find a potion downstairs. He gives some of it to Mason, saying that it will give him heart for an hour. Once Mason is gone, Jane and Rochester stroll in the orchard, and Rochester tells Jane a hypothetical story about a young man who commits a “capital error” in a foreign country and proceeds to lead a life of dissipation in an effort to “obtain relief.” The young man then hopes to redeem himself and live morally with a wife, but convention prevents him from doing so. He asks whether the young man would be justified in “overleaping an obstacle of custom.” Jane’s reply is that such a man should look to God for his redemption, not to another person. Rochester—who obviously has been describing his own situation—asks Jane to reassure him that marrying Blanche would bring him salvation. He then hurries away before she has a chance to answer.

Florida: Essays and Poems

Henry M. Flagler — Empire Builder

by W. M. Walker

A profile of Henry M. Flagler published in 1925 in a Florida magazine. This profile was the first in a series called "The Ten Greatest Men of Florida," which the magazine described as a reader-requested series on the "men who had done the most toward the progress and development of Florida."

The Works of Edgar Allan Poe

The Purloined Letter

by Edgar Allan Poe

An unnamed narrator tells how a Parisian detective, Auguste Dupin, solves a case of a “purloined letter.” The letter belonged to the Queen, and the man who took it had switched it with a plain letter, and was using the information contained in the stolen letter to blackmail the Queen. The police Prefect wants Dupin to figure out how to catch the man, and Dupin reasons his way through the case, eventually nabbing the thief by using his own technique against him—switching letters back.

The Jungle

Chapter 25

by Upton Sinclair

Jurgis' money is stolen by a dishonest bartender. Jurgis is imprisoned again after assaulting the bartender. Jack encounters Jack Duane for the second time while in prison. After his release from prison, Jurgis begins to work for organized crime.