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A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court

Chapter 5: “An Inspiration”

by Mark Twain

Clarens tells the Yankee that he is to be burned at the stake. He asks Clarence to help him escape. Clarence denies him. The Yankee tells Clarence to tell the king that he’s a magician himself and he will ravage the kingdom if he is not let go. He makes it known that if he is put to death, he will block out the sun forever starting at the hour of his execution. Clarence moves the Yankee’s execution date up.

The Pink Fairy Book

How the Hermit Helped to Win the King’s Daughter

by Andrew Lang

A king advertises that he will wed his daughter to one who can make a ship that will float on both land and sea. Three brothers each have their hand at building such a ship, but the kindness of the youngest allows him success, as he befriends a holy hermit. The group journeys to the kingdom, picking up friends along the way. Unfortunately, the king changes the rules when they arrive, but the man's new friends help him to meet the king’s demands.