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The Little Lame Prince

Chapter 2

by Maria Dinah Mulock Craik

The young prince’s legs stopped growing causing him unable to stand or walk. The King dies and the Prince Regent (the King’s brother) comes to power until the prince is of age. They hold a funeral for Prince Dolor.

The Sea-Wolf

Chapter 3

by Jack London

Humphrey meets the tyrannical Captain Larsen, and finds that his request to be released from the ship falls on deaf ears. Captain Larsen informs Hump of his new position aboard the Ghost, all the while ridiculing his weak appearance.


Chapter 11

by Bram Stoker

Dr. Van Helsing gives Lucy a blood transfusion. There is an interview with a zoo keeper that describes the escape and recapture of a wolf. Dr. Seward tells of Renfield’s escape and attack on him. Lucy’s mother dies and tells of the horrible events that took place that night.

Main Street

Chapter 9

by Sinclair Lewis

Still affected by her conversation with Vida, Carol begins to observe the judging glances of the townspeople. Carol and Will pay a visit to his mother.

Wuthering Heights

Chapter 34

by Emily Brontë

Heathcliff leaves one night and is out all night; when he returns he refuses all food, he also refuses a doctor. The next night Nelly finds his dead body; Hareton is the only one to mourn his death.

Wuthering Heights

Chapter 27

by Emily Brontë

As Edgar's health fades, Heathcliff worries that Linton will die before Edgar. He imprisons Cathy and Nelly after he convinces them to visit, and will not release Cathy until she marries Linton. Nelly is kept prisoner for five days.

Main Street

Chapter 16

by Sinclair Lewis

Christmas arrives and Carol and Will attend a party at a friends house. Carol's frustration with the stagnant atmosphere of Gopher Prairie continues to increase.

Main Street

Chapter 30

by Sinclair Lewis

Carol spends a day at the lake accompanied by the Dyers, Erik, Cy Bogart, and Fern Mullins. Carol, jealous of Maud's affection for Erik, is happy to accept an invitation to go out on the lake. Mrs. Bogart's concerns are ignored by Carol, who later meets Erik at Harry Haydock's party. Erik's admission leaves Carol feeling confused and uncomfortable.