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The Sea-Wolf

Chapter 14

by Jack London

Hump laments the absence of women aboard ship. Later that same night, Hump encounters a visibly dazed Harrison and a bloodied Captain Larsen aboard deck. Hump witnesses another incident of violence below deck.

Main Street

Chapter 26

by Sinclair Lewis

Will diagnoses the Bjornstams illness as typhoid. Carol agrees to assist Bea and Olaf as they recover from their illness. Vida, Maud, and the minister's wife are turned away from the Bjornstams' home. A tragedy in the Bjornstams home prompts Miles to depart for Canada.

Main Street

Chapter 7

by Sinclair Lewis

With the arrival of winter, Carol attempts to create some distraction for herself and the townspeople. Carol's treatment of her maid is a source of tension with the members of the Jolly Seventeen.

Wuthering Heights

Chapter 9

by Emily Brontë

In a fit of rage Hindley throws Hareton over the balcony, fortunately Heathcliff is there to catch him. Catherine agrees to marry Edgar and tells Nelly, Heathcliff overhears their conversation and leaves Wuthering Heights for three years. Upset when Heathcliff leaves Catherine waits out in the rain for him, catches a fever, and almost dies; during her recovery Mr. and Mrs. Linton catch her fever and they both die. Catherine and Edgar marry three years after their death, and Nelly moves to Thrushcross Grange with them.


Chapter 29

by Sinclair Lewis

George's involvement with Tanis begins to take a toll on his health and reputation. George receives his first invitation into the Good Citizen's League.