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Northanger Abbey

Chapter XIII

by Jane Austen

Chapter XIII makes us feel tense and worried that Catherine will cave in to the inconsiderate demands of James, Isabella, and John. When John lies to the Tilneys, telling them that Catherine cannot go for a walk, he confirms our opinion of him as a selfish, conceited twit.

The Olive Fairy Book

The Prince and the Princess in the Forest

by Traditional

A prince and his mother set off into the world after the king’s death. The son is brave and clever, while his mother is a coward. She tricks him to help a robber in order to save her own life. The prince rescues a princess, and in turn is rescued by the princess. They are wed, and would live happily, but curiosity leads them both into trouble once more.The prince must find his way back to the princess and avenge himself against the robber and the wrongs committed by his mother.