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The Sea-Wolf

Chapter 7

by Jack London

As the Ghost catches speed, propelled by the trade winds, Hump takes in the natural beauty of the ocean. Captain Larsen explains more of his philosophy on life to Hump.

Wuthering Heights

Chapter 5

by Emily Brontë

Mr. Earnshaw falls ill, and then he sends Hindley Earnshaw off to school when he can no longer put up with Hindley's complaints about Heathcliff. Catherine's fondness for Heathcliff is revealed.

The Olive Fairy Book

The Satin Surgeon

by Traditional

A king has two daughters, though one is ugly and cruel and the other beautiful and kind. A prince is supposed to be promised to the former, but falls in love with the latter. The bitter sister and the king send away the younger princess to a tower where she is trapped. The prince tries to see his princess, but is harmed by the plans of the elder sister.The princess escapes her tower and sets off to save the prince she loves.

The Sea-Wolf

Chapter 4

by Jack London

Mugridge treats the new cabin boy harshly, ordering him around every chance he gets. An accident aboard the Ghost results in a new nickname for the narrator. "Hump" receives very little sympathy from the crew for his injuries.

The Jungle

Chapter 12

by Upton Sinclair

Jurgis returns to work and experiences a worse injury than before. Strikes, weather and injuries prevent Ona, Stanislova, and Jurgis from working. Ona's health deteriorates quickly, as Jurgis finds himself in the ranks of the unemployed.


Chapter 17

by Sinclair Lewis

The wealthy Eathorne's approval of George's suggestions gives him great pleasure. George's standing in the church continues to increase.