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Chapter 1

by Bram Stoker

Jonathan Harker journals about his travel to Dracula’s Castle and the foreboding messages he gets from town folk along the way.

The Crimson Fairy Book

“The Gold-Bearded Man”

by Andrew Lang

A queen marries another man after the king dies and he is especially cruel. He passes a ridiculous law that a man with a golden beard doesn’t abide by. The king goes off to war and his stepson lets the man out and he is therefore blessed by good luck and magical assistance.

The Sea-Wolf

Chapter 16

by Jack London

Now having been promoted, Hump runs the ship with the assistance of Louis. Captain Larsen continues to make life on ship unpleasant for the mutinous sailors. Johnson and Leach bide their time while waiting for another opportunity to take out Captain Larsen. Leach, fearing that death is eminent, asks a favor of Hump.


Chapter 8

by Bram Stoker

Lucy is attacked by a tall thin figure and has two puncture marks on her throat. She continues to act strangely in her sleep. Mina hears that Jonathan is in a hospital in the care of Mr. Peter Hopkins. Jonathan requests she join him and marry him there. Dr. Jack Seward tells about the strange behavior he observers from his lunatic client Renfield.

The Pink Fairy Book

The Princess in the Chest

by Andrew Lang

A king is determined to have a child, so his queen sees an old woman who helps her to bear a child through enchantment. There are limitations—the king and queen cannot see their child until she is fourteen. The king decides to break this rule of the contract, and the princess dies. He is then forced to put her body in the church with a sentinel standing guard. However, finding a sentinel starts to become a challenge when those who volunteer disappear. A young smith who wishes to show his bravery is the first to last the night, and his drunken bravery earns him rewards.

Wuthering Heights

Chapter 6

by Emily Brontë

Hindley returns for his father's funeral and brings home his wife, Frances, who both disregard Catherine and Heathcliff, until they disappear one day. Upon their return, Hindley threatens Heathcliff with banishment if he ever speaks to Catherine again.

The Sea-Wolf

Chapter 20

by Jack London

After the storms dies down, Maud Brewster joins the sailors for the evening meal, where she makes a request of Captain Larsen. Hump and Maud, having recognized each other as peers, engage in conversation as an agitated Captain Laren looks on.

Jane Eyre

Chapter XXXVII

by Charlotte Brontë

Jane goes to Ferndean. From a distance, she sees Rochester reach a hand out of the door, testing for rain. His body looks the same, but his face is desperate and disconsolate. Rochester returns inside, and Jane approaches the house. She knocks, and Mary answers the door. Inside, Jane carries a tray to Rochester, who is unable to see her. When he realizes that Jane is in the room with him, he thinks she must be a ghost or spirit speaking to him. When he catches her hand, he takes her in his arms, and she promises never to leave him. The next morning they walk through the woods, and Jane tells Rochester about her experiences the previous year. She has to assure him that she is not in love with St. John. He asks her again to marry him, and she says yes—they are now free from the specter of Bertha Mason. Rochester tells Jane that a few nights earlier, in a moment of desperation, he called out her name and thought he heard her answer. She does not wish to upset him or excite him in his fragile condition, and so she does not tell him about hearing his voice at Moor House.

The House of the Seven Gables

Chapter XX: “The Flower of Eden”

by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Phoebe is pulled into the house by Holgrave. After telling her about the Judge, he says he has not gone to the police for fear of implicating Hepzibah and Clifford. He reminds Phoebe that the death of the Judge resemble the death of Uncle Jaffrey, who’s murder was blamed on Clifford thanks to the Judge. Holgrave tells Phoebe he loves her and she reveals her feelings as well. Hepzibah and Clifford return to the house.