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Main Street

Chapter 14

by Sinclair Lewis

Carol and Will have their first argument. Will complains about Carol's "highbrow" attitude, and the effect is it having on his personal and professional relationships.

Main Street

Chapter 24

by Sinclair Lewis

After a conversation with Bresnahan, Carol's opinion of Will becomes more critical. A visit from Will's friends causes tension in the Kennicott home, eventually resulting in a extreme request by Carol. Bea's departure leaves Carol doing all the housework. Will's proposal of building a new house only leaves Carol more frustrated than before.

Tik-Tok of Oz

Chapter 16: “The Naughty Nome”

by L. Frank Baum

Queen Ann and her officers fall into a pit in the cavern. Tik-Tok tries to conquer Ruggedo and Betsy is locked in the Chamberlain’s room. Hank attacks Ruggedo and knocks him against a wall. Meanwhile, Files, Shaggy, Ploychrome, and the Rose Princess wait outside.

David Copperfield

Chapter 36: Enthusiasm

by Charles Dickens

David decides he will use the new situation to his advantage. Dr. Strong agrees to hire David as his secretary. David becomes suspicious of Jack Malden's intentions towards Annie. Mr. Micawber tells David and Tommy of his plans in Canterbury.

Tales of Terror and Mystery

“The Black Doctor”

by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

A story about a doctor, referred to as the Black Doctor, who was a respectable physician. He was a bachelor for a considerably long time and then became engaged to a woman thirteen years his junior. In June before the wedding, the woman is interviewed and the engagement is suddenly called off. The Black Doctor avoids her and therefore avoids the rest of the town.

A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court

Chapter 5: “An Inspiration”

by Mark Twain

Clarens tells the Yankee that he is to be burned at the stake. He asks Clarence to help him escape. Clarence denies him. The Yankee tells Clarence to tell the king that he’s a magician himself and he will ravage the kingdom if he is not let go. He makes it known that if he is put to death, he will block out the sun forever starting at the hour of his execution. Clarence moves the Yankee’s execution date up.