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Main Street

Chapter 8

by Sinclair Lewis

A conversation with Vida greatly affects Carol. Will reassures her that everyone likes her, but advises her to purchase goods from his patient's businesses.

The Secret Garden

Chapter 17: “A Tantrum”

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Mary awakens to hear Colin screaming and throwing a tantrum from inside his room. She is summoned to his room and scolds him for screaming. She tells him that she hates him and he should go on screaming forever. She then looks at his back claiming that there is nothing wrong with it. Colin realizes for the first time that his affliction is largely in his head.

The Jungle

Chapter 10

by Upton Sinclair

House expenses continue to trouble Jurgis and his family. Ona, who has become pregnant and given birth to a son, is in poor health after returning to work too soon to recover from child birth.


Chapter 20

by Sinclair Lewis

Concerned for his friend's well-being, George waits for Riesling at his hotel room only to find out that things are not as they seem.

Main Street

Chapter 6

by Sinclair Lewis

Carol accompanies Kennicott on a hunting trip, admiring the natural landscape of Gopher Prairie. Carol is introduced to the like minded Vida Sherwin and Guy Pollock. Carol's home refurnishing is met with disdain by a miserly and religious neighbor. Carol hosts a party of her own, hoping it will have some influence on the townspeople of Gopher Prairie.