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Beyond the City

Chapter XV: “Still Among Shoals”

by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The Admiral sells his pension and gets £5,000. Harold returns to his parents after meeting with his creditors and tells them the sum owed is less than expected. They rejoice and Harold runs to Dr. Walker to return his cheque. Dr. Walker tells Harold how his father obtained the money and he runs back to the Admiral and demands that he get his pension back.

Peter Rabbit and Other Stories

“The Pie and the Patty-Pan”

by Beatrix Potter

When a little dog named Duchess gets an invitation to tea at the home of Ribby the cat, she becomes dreadfully afraid that Ribby is going to serve her mouse pie. Duchess bakes a delightful veal and ham pie and comes up with a very clever plan to substitute her own pie for Ribby’s. However, both of their pies become mixed up and each becomes dreadfully afraid that they have eaten a patty-pan.