The Poems of Emily Dickinson: Series Two

by Emily Dickinson

The Poems of Emily Dickinson: Series Two

Poems by Emily Dickinson, Three Series, Complete is a compilation of the poetry of Emily Dickinson in three different series, each composed of the following subjects: Life, Love, Nature, Time and Eternity.

Source: Dickenson, E. (1896). The Poems of Emily Dickinson: Series Two.Boston, MA: Roberts Brothers.

Life, Poem 1
I'm nobody! Who are you?
Life, Poem 2
I bring an unaccustomed wine
Life, Poem 3
The nearest dream recedes, unrealized.
Life, Poem 4
We play at paste
Life, Poem 5
I found the phrase to every thought
Life, Poem 6: Hope
Hope is the thing with feathers
Life, Poem 7: The White Heat
Dare you see a soul at the white heat?
Life, Poem 8: Triumphant
Who never lost, are unprepared
Life, Poem 9: The Test
I can wade grief
Life, Poem 10: Escape
I never hear the word "escape"
Life, Poem 11: Compensation
For each ecstatic instant
Life, Poem 12: The Martyrs
Through the straight pass of suffering
Life, Poem 13: A Prayer
I meant to have but modest needs
Life, Poem 14
The thought beneath so slight a film
Life, Poem 15
The soul unto itself
Life, Poem 16
Surgeons must be very careful
Life, Poem 17: The Railway Train
I like to see it lap the miles
Life, Poem 18: The Show
The show is not the show
Life, Poem 19
Delight becomes pictorial
Life, Poem 20
A thought went up my mind to-day
Life, Poem 21
Is Heaven a physician?
Life, Poem 22: The Return
Though I get home how late, how late!
Life, Poem 23
A poor torn heart, a tattered heart
Life, Poem 24: Too Much
I should have been too glad, I see
Life, Poem 25: Shipwreck
It tossed and tossed, —
Life, Poem 26
Victory comes late
Life, Poem 27: Enough
God gave a loaf to every bird
Life, Poem 28
Experiment to me
Life, Poem 29: My Country's Wardrobe
My country need not change her gown
Life, Poem 30
Faith is a fine invention
Life, Poem 31
Except the heaven had come so near
Life, Poem 32
Portraits are to daily faces
Life, Poem 33: The Duel
I took my power in my hand.
Life, Poem 34
A shady friend for torrid days
Life, Poem 35: The Goal
Each life converges to some centre
Life, Poem 36: Sight
Before I got my eye put out
Life, Poem 37
Talk with prudence to a beggar
Life, Poem 38: The Preacher
He preached upon "breadth" till it argued him narrow, —
Life, Poem 39
Good night! which put the candle out?
Life, Poem 40
When I hoped I feared
Life, Poem 41: Deed
A deed knocks first at thought
Life, Poem 42: Time's Lesson
"Mine enemy is growing old, —"
Life, Poem 43: Remorse
Remorse is memory awake
Life, Poem 44: The Shelter
The body grows outside, —
Life, Poem 45
Undue significance a starving man attaches
Life, Poem 46
Heart not so heavy as mine
Life, Poem 47
I many times thought peace had come
Life, Poem 48
Unto my books so good to turn
Life, Poem 49
This merit hath the worst, —
Life, Poem 50: Hunger
I had been hungry all the years;
Life, Poem 51
I gained is so
Life, Poem 52
To learn the transport by the pain
Life, Poem 53: Returning
I years had been from home
Life, Poem 54: Prayer
Prayer is the little implement
Life, Poem 55
I know that he exists
Life, Poem 56: Melodies Unheard
Musicians wrestle everywhere:
Life, Poem 57: Called Back
Just lost when I was saved!
Love, Poem 1: Choice
Of all the souls that stand create
Love, Poem 2
I have no life but this
Love, Poem 3
Your riches taught me poverty.
Love, Poem 4: The Contract
I gave myself to him
Love, Poem 5: The Letter
Going to him! Happy letter! Tell him —
Love, Poem 6
The way I read a letter s' this:
Love, Poem 7
Wild nights! Wild nights!
Love, Poem 8: At Home
The night was wide, and furnished scant
Love, Poem 9: Possession
Did the harebell loose her girdle
Love, Poem 10
A charm invests a face
Love, Poem 11: The Lovers
The rose did caper on her cheek
Love, Poem 12
In lands I never saw, they say
Love, Poem 13
The moon is distant from the sea
Love, Poem 14
He put the belt around my life, —
Love, Poem 15: The Lost Jewel
I held a jewel in my fingers
Love, Poem 16
What if I say I shall not wait?
Nature, Poem 1: Mother Nature
Nature, the gentlest mother
Nature, Poem 2: Out of the Morning
Will there really be a morning?
Nature, Poem 3
A half-past three a single bird
Nature, Poem 4: Day's Parlor
The day came slow, till five o'clock
Nature, Poem 5: The Sun's Wooing
The sun just touched the morning
Nature, Poem 6: The Robin
The robin is the one
Nature, Poem 7: The Butterfly's Day
From cocoon forth a butterfly
Nature, Poem 8: The Blue-Bird
Before you thought of spring
Nature, Poem 9: April
An altered look about the hills;
Nature, Poem 10: The Sleeping Flowers
"Whose are the little beds," I asked
Nature, Poem 11: My Rose
Pigmy seraphs gone astray
Nature, Poem 12: The Oriole's Secret
To hear an oriole sing
Nature, Poem 13: The Oriole
One of the ones that Midas touched
Nature, Poem 14: In Shadow
I dreaded that first robin so
Nature, Poem 15: The Humming-Bird
A route of evanescence
Nature, Poem 16: Secrets
The skies can't keep their secret!
Nature, Poem 17
Who robbed the woods
Nature, Poem 18: Two Voyagers
Two butterflies went out at noon
Nature, Poem 19: By the Sea
I started early, took my dog
Nature, Poem 20: Old-Fashioned
Arcturus is his other name, —
Nature, Poem 21: A Tempest
An awful tempest mashed the air,
Nature, Poem 22: The Sea
An everywhere of silver
Nature, Poem 23: In the Garden
A bird came down the walk
Nature, Poem 24: The Snake
A narrow fellow in the grass
Nature, Poem 25: The Mushroom
The mushroom is the elf of plants
Nature, Poem 26: The Storm
There came a wind like a bugle
Nature, Poem 27: The Spider
A spider sewed at night
Nature, Poem 28
I know a place where summer strives
Nature, Poem 29
The one that could repeat the summer day
Nature, Poem 30: The Wind's Visit
The wind tapped like a tired man
Nature, Poem 31
Nature rarer uses yellow
Nature, Poem 32: Gossip
The leaves, like women, interchange
Nature, Poem 33: Simplicity
How happy is the little stone
Nature, Poem 34: Storm
It sounded as if the streets were running
Nature, Poem 35: The Rat
The rat is the concisest tenant.
Nature, Poem 36
Frequently the woods are pink
Nature, Poem 37: A Thunder-Storm
The wind begun to rock the grass
Nature, Poem 38: With Flowers
South winds jostle them
Nature, Poem 39: Sunset
Where ships of purple gently toss
Nature, Poem 40
She sweeps with man-colored brooms
Nature, Poem 41
Like mighty footlights burned the red
Nature, Poem 42: Problems
Bring me the sunset in a cup
Nature, Poem 43: The Juggler of Day
Blazing in gold and quenching in purple
Nature, Poem 44: My Cricket
Farther in summer than the birds
Nature, Poem 45
As imperceptibly as grief
Nature, Poem 46
It can't be summer, — that got through;
Nature, Poem 47: Summer's Obsequies
The gentian weaves her fringes
Nature, Poem 48: Fringed Gentian
God made a little gentian;
Nature, Poem 49: November
Besides the autumn poets sing
Nature, Poem 50: The Snow
It sifts from leaden sieves
Nature, Poem 51: The Blue Jay
No brigadier throughout the year
Time and Eternity, Poem 1
Let down the bars, O Death!
Time and Eternity, Poem 2
Going to heaven!
Time and Eternity, Poem 3
At least to pray is left, is left.
Time and Eternity, Poem 4: Epitaph
Step lightly on this narrow spot!
Time and Eternity, Poem 5
Morns like these we parted;
Time and Eternity, Poem 6
A death-blow is a life-blow to some
Time and Eternity, Poem 7
I read my sentence steadily
Time and Eternity, Poem 8
I have not told my garden yet
Time and Eternity, Poem 9: The Battle-Field
They dropped like flakes, they dropped like stars
Time and Eternity, Poem 10
The only ghost I ever saw
Time and Eternity, Poem 11
Some, too fragile for winter winds
Time and Eternity, Poem 12
As by the dead we love to sit
Time and Eternity, Poem 13: The Memorials
Death sets a thing significant
Time and Eternity, Poem 14
I went to heaven, —
Time and Eternity, Poem 15
Their height in heaven comforts not
Time and Eternity, Poem 16
There is a shame of nobleness
Time and Eternity, Poem 17: Triumph
Triumph may be of several kinds.
Time and Eternity, Poem 18
Pompless no life can pass away;
Time and Eternity, Poem 19
I noticed people disappeared
Time and Eternity, Poem 20: Following
I had no cause to be awake
Time and Eternity, Poem 21
If anybody's friend be dead
Time and Eternity, Poem 22: The Journey
Our journey had advanced
Time and Eternity, Poem 23: A Country Burial
Ample make this bed.
Time and Eternity, Poem 24: Going
On such a night, or such a night
Time and Eternity, Poem 25
Essential oils are wrung:
Time and Eternity, Poem 26
I lived on dread; to those who know
Time and Eternity, Poem 27
If I should die
Time and Eternity, Poem 28: At Length
Her final summer was it
Time and Eternity, Poem 29: Ghosts
One need not be a chamber to be haunted
Time and Eternity, Poem 30: Vanished
She died, — this was the way she died;
  • Year Published: 1896
  • Language: English
  • Country of Origin: United States of America
  • Readability:
    • Flesch–Kincaid Level: 6.6
  • Word Count: 10,963
  • Genre: Poetry
  • Keywords: 19th century literature, american literature, emily dickinson, poems, poetry, series 1, series 2
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