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Japanese Fairy Tales

The Story of the Old Man Who Made Withered Trees to Flower

by Yei Theodora Ozaki

A childless couple love their dog very dearly, and the dog finds gold coins buried under their tree. The old man is grateful and loves his dog even more. The man has a very jealous and hateful neighbor, who tries to copy his neighbor’s luck by borrowing the dog and making him dig. The hateful man finds only garbage, and kills the dog in rage. The good man asks for the tree in remembrance of his dog, and the tree’s wood is made into a mortar that produces unending food. The jealous neighbor asks to borrow it and destroys it when it won’t also give him food. More events continue until the good man is eventually given riches by a lord for his kindness to him, and when the hateful man tries to copy the kindness, he is arrested as an imposter and jailed forever, thus finally being punished for his crimes.

Wuthering Heights

Chapter 29

by Emily Brontë

Heathcliff forces Cathy to live and work at Wuthering Heights, and not to stay at the Grange; Cathy speaks out against Heathcliff. After Heathcliff confides in Nelly that he believes in ghosts, particularly the ghost of Catherine, he tells Nelly never to visit Wuthering Heights again.


Chapter 14

by Bram Stoker

The Harkers meet with Van Helsing and discuss Jonathan’s experiences with Count Dracula. Van Helsing and Seward discuss the injured children.

Main Street

Chapter 12

by Sinclair Lewis

Carol's attempts at rebuilding and reforming the town continue to be thwarted by the townspeople. In order to maintain their social status, Carol and Kennicott move to the lake for the summer. Carol is initially impressed by the Perrys, but changes her mind after hearing their opinions.

The Little Lame Prince

Chapter 2

by Maria Dinah Mulock Craik

The young prince’s legs stopped growing causing him unable to stand or walk. The King dies and the Prince Regent (the King’s brother) comes to power until the prince is of age. They hold a funeral for Prince Dolor.

The Invisible Man

Chapter 4

by H.G. Wells

The Stranger isolates himself from the rest of the village, but still becomes a topic of conversation. Mr. Cuss talks with the stranger and is alarmed by what he sees. (London, England; Pearson's Magazine, 1897)