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Main Street

Chapter 4

by Sinclair Lewis

After taking a look around, Carol is unnerved by the stature and state of the buildings in Gopher Prairie. Bea Sorensen's tour of Gopher Prairie leaves her awestruck.

The Olive Fairy Book

The Snake Prince

by Traditional

An old woman who has nothing finds a snake in her water jar, and wishes for death. Instead, she discovers a necklace, which earns her wealth. The king buys the necklace, but finds it replaced with the son he so desires.The prince and princess are wed, but she wishes to know the secret of the prince. He warns her of the consequences, which come to pass when he reveals the secret. The princess must work to break the enchantment to get back her prince.

The Little Lame Prince

“The Prince with the Nose”

by Maria Dinah Mulock Craik

Because of a magician’s enchanted spell, a prince was born with a very long nose. He grows up to marry a beautiful princess, but the magician takes her away before the wedding. He travels all over the world in search of her and meets a rude fairy princess. He spies his princess behind a glass wall, but it wasn’t until he was able to admit to his nose’s size that the wall would break and he could marry his bride.

The Scarlet Letter

Chapter 9: “The Leech”

by Nathaniel Hawthorne

By renaming himself upon his arrival in Boston, Chillingworth has hidden his past from everyone except Hester, whom he has sworn to secrecy. He incorporates himself into society in the role of a doctor, and since the townsfolk have very little access to good medical care, he is welcomed and valued. An opportuniy arises when Dimmesdale comes into his care.