Changing a color photo into a black and white photo (or giving it a sepia tone) is as easy as clicking on a button in iPhoto. Select the photo you want to convert, then click on the Edit button in the toolbar. This will open up the photo in edit mode. To convert it into […]

You will find two ways to fix colors in iPhoto. The first way is by using the automatic color correction feature of iPhoto by clicking on the Enhance button (the one that looks like a magic wand). iPhoto will then automatically adjust the exposure and attempt to fix the colors in your image. In addition […]

Red eye is caused when the light from the flash is reflected off your subject’s eyes. This can often ruin many pictures taken in poorly lit indoor spaces. Fixing red eye with iPhoto is simple: Click on the Red Eye button, then click on each eye using the crosshair pointer. Once you have done both […]

If any of your photos are crooked, you can use iPhoto to straighten. To straighten a photo in iPhoto, double-click on it in the Viewing area to open it in edit mode. Next, click on the Adjust button to open up the Adjust pane. You can then use the Straighten slider to gradually rotate your […]

To begin cropping an image in iPhoto, click with your pointer on an area of the image then drag to enclose the area you wish to keep and click on the Crop button or press Return on your keyboard. You can also choose preset image dimensions from the Constrain pulldown menu next to the Crop […]

Windows Movie Maker makes it easy to edit the video clips captured from your camera by trimming them to remove unwanted video at the beginning or end. To trim a video clip: Select a clip in the timeline. Click on Show Timeline if you do not see the timeline. Place the playhead where you want […]

You can use the Effects tab of the editing window to change the appearance of your pictures using Picasa’s built-in filters. You apply an effect by clicking on the button that has a thumbnail of your image with the effect applied to it. This is meant to give you an idea of what the effect […]

You will find two types of controls you can use to fix colors in Picasa. The first type is found in the Basic Fixes tab and consists of one-click fixes that automatically correct the color or exposure in an image for you. The other type of color correction is found in the Tuning tab of […]

Picasa has a feature that will allow you to fix an image that is slightly crooked. First select the picture and double-click on it in the Lightbox to open the Editing Window. Select the Basic Fixes tab and click on the Straighten button. In the Straighten Picture view, use the slider at the bottom of […]

You can use Picasa’s crop feature to remove unwanted parts of any photo. Cropping can also be used to improve the composition of a photo. To crop a photo, first open it in the editing window by double-clicking on it in the Lightbox, then select the Basic Fixes tab and click on the Crop button. […]

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