Pop-up windows are often used to display advertisements that appear when you visit a web page. One way to stop these pop-up windows is by using a web browser that has a built-in pop-up blocker. Most of the major web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Mozilla Firefox, now feature a pop-up blocker.

If you have the latest version of IE installed (the one included with Windows XP Service Pack 2), it will display an information bar to let you know that a pop-up has been blocked whenever you visit a site that generates pop-up windows.

Internet Explorer Blocked Pop-up Notification

There may be sites for which you want to allow pop-up windows. One example is this page from the FCIT Making the Connection website. When you click to see one of the Teacher Notes on this site it is displayed in a small pop-up window. To allow pop-up windows for a specific website you have to change the settings for your pop-up blocker.

In IE, you can access the settings for the pop-up blocker as follows:

  1. Choose Tools, Pop-up Blocker, Pop-Up Blocker Settings (or Tools, Internet Options, Privacy and click on the Settings button at the bottom of the window, next to the checkbox that enables the blocker).Popup blocker settings for IEinternet options
  2. In the settings area for the pop-up blocker, you can add sites for which you want to allow pop-ups and change the type of notification you receive when a pop-up is blocked (you can set it to play a sound every time a pop-up is blocked). IE allow list In Mozilla Firefox, you can access the settings for the built-in pop-up blocker by choosing Tools, Options, Web Features (or Tools, Options, Content). You can click on the Allowed Sites button next to the to Block Pop-up Windows checkbox to add websites for which you want to enable pop-up windows. Firefox allow listPop-up windows can also be created by malicious programs known as spyware or adware. If you are getting pop-ups even when your web browser is closed, you may have one of these programs running in the background. To remove spyware or adware, you can install a program such Ad-aware or Spybot Search and Destroy that will scan your hard drive and remove any instances of spyware or adware.
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