The Outline view in Pages can help students structure and organize their thinking as they start a writing assignment.

To create an outline in Pages:

  1. Open a Pages document and click the Outline button on the toolbar or choose View, Show Document Outline.
    Outline button.
  2. Start typing each heading. To create a new heading at the same level, press Return.
  3. To indent a heading and change its level in the outline, use the Demote and Promote buttons on the toolbar.
    Demote and Promote buttons.
  4. The Styles pulldown menu also allows you to change the heading. Choose Body from this menu to create a paragraph of text.
    Closeup with toolbar with Styles menu highlighted.
  5. If you have a long outline, you can change how much information is displayed by clicking the Show first line button on the toolbar.
    Show first line button.
  6. The Levels menu also allows you to change how much of your outline is displayed. The default is to show All Levels.
    Levels menu.
  7. To exit the Outline view, click the Outline button on the toolbar again, or choose View, Hide Document Outline.
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