The Dock includes shortcuts to the applications and folders on your computer. As you add shortcuts to the Dock it can become difficult to see all of the icons, especially if you have low vision.

To change the size of the Dock and make it easier to see:

  1. Choose Apple, Dock, Dock Preferences.
    Apple menu with Dock, Dock Preferences selected.
  2. Use the slider at the top of the window to change the Dock size (from Small to Large).
    Dock preferences window.
  3. To use a magnification effect, check the box next to Magnification and use the slider to set the amount of magnification.
    Dock magnification slider in Dock Preferences window.When this feature is enabled, the icons in the Dock will be magnified when you hover over them.
    Dock icons get bigger as you hover over them when Dock magnification is turned on.

Another way to change the size of the Dock is by dragging up or down on the divider between the application and folder icons on the right side of the Dock.
Slider between application and folder icons can be used to change Dock size.

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