The World Wide Web (also known as just “the Web”) is a vast collection of linked files that may include images and other multimedia. These files are accessed over the Internet using a protocol called http. A key feature of the Web is the ability to link files in any order by using hyperlinks. A hyperlink is often just specially formatted text that allows a visitor to a website to click on it to advance to another page, but it can also be an image or button. Originally, the Web was used mostly by the scientific community to link text documents but in the late 80’s it evolved to include images and other multimedia files.

A web site is a group of specially formatted files that are stored on a machine known as a web server. Web servers are computers that are always connected to the Internet and often have large amounts of memory and hard drive space. They also have special software installed that allows them to share the files that are part of a website so that they are accessible by others over the Internet.

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