iBooks is an ebook reader app for IOS devices such as the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. iBooks can open ebooks in the ePub format as well as PDF documents, and it is fully compatible with the VoiceOver screen reader built into IOS. This tutorial covers some of the VoiceOver gestures supported by iBooks.

Once you’ve opened an ebook with iBooks, move your finger around on the screen and VoiceOver will read the content underneath your finger. VoiceOver also supports the following gestures in iBooks:

  • Two-finger tap: stop speaking the current item.
  • Two-finger flick up: read all from the top of the page.
  • Two-finger flick down: read all from the current position.
  • Three-finger swipe left: move to the next page.
  • Three-finger swipe right: move to the previous page.
  • Double-tap and hold while the Page Chooser is selected, then drag left or right: navigate to any page in your eBook using a slider.
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