Using the reference tools built into Mac OS X
Mac OS X includes a built in dictionary and other reference tools that are always accessible while you work on a document.
The word completion feature in Mac OS X
The word completion feature can be helpful when you start typing a word and can’t remember the exact spelling.
Spell check in iWork and TextEdit
Pages, the word processing and page layout program included with iWork, has a feature that can check your spelling as you type. A similar feature is available in TextEdit, the text editor that ships with Mac OS X.
Creating an outline with Pages
The Outline view in Pages can help students structure and organize their thinking as they start a writing assignment.
The full screen view in Pages
Pages is the word processing and page layout program included in the iWork suite. Pages includes a full screen feature that removes a lot of of screen clutter for students who have distraction problems.
Using Preview's speech feature to listen to a PDF
Preview is the default program for opening PDF documents on the Mac. Preview’s speech feature can read PDF documents using the system voices built into Mac OS X.
Using the Speech Service in Mac OS X to record text into an audio file
TextEdit, the text editor built into Mac OS X, includes a text to speech feature that will read back any text you type into the editor. Using the Services feature built into Mac OS X, you can use the text to speech built into TextEdit to create a recording of your text you can play in iTunes or on your iPod.
The speech feature of the Mac OS X Calculator
The Calculator program that ships with Mac OS X includes a speech feature that can be used to create a talking calculator. When this feature is enabled, Calculator will speak each number as it is pressed, providing additional feedback to students.
Using the Simple Finder to help students stay on task
The Simple Finder feature of Mac OS X can help keep students on task by presenting a simpler interface with fewer distractions. With Simple Finder you can also control the applications and folders students can access on the computer.
Browser Based Text to Speech
VozMe and Read The Words are two browser-based text to speech services that may be helpful for auditory learners, or for anyone who can benefit from content presented in multiple formats.
The Readability Extension for Firefox and Chrome
Readability is an extension for Firefox and Google Chrome that removes ads and other distractions from a web page. This can help your students focus on the content, rather than on the clutter surrounding it.
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