The Windows 7 speech recognition feature can be used to dictate and edit documents. This document covers the most commonly used commands for dictation with the Windows 7 speech recognition feature.

To dictate a document with the Windows 7 speechrecognition feature:

  1. Start the speech recognition feature and click on the microphone icon on the speech recognition control to enter listening mode.Windows 7 speech recognition control with Listening button highlighted.
  2. Say “Open” followed by the name of the word processing program you will be using.
  3. Start your dictation. As you dictate, you can say “period” or “comma” to add punctuation. Saying “newline” will move the cursor to the next line and start a new paragraph.

Below is a list of commonly used dictation commands.

  • Correct that: corrects the last word added to your document. This command will open a list with several suggestions. To select one of the suggestions made by Windows 7, say its number, then OK.
  • Correct followed by a word: corrects a specific word in your document.
  • Select followed by a word: selects a single word in your document. Once you have a selection, say another word or phrase to replace the selection with a different word or phrase.
  • Select followed by a word, then through, and another word: selects an entire phrase (example:“select quick through fox”).
  • Select all: selects all the text in a document.
  • Delete that: deletes the selected text.
  • Undo that: undoes the last action.
  • Save: saves your changes (or opens the Save As dialog box if you have not saved your document yet).
  • Close that: closes the current window.
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