When reading a web page, most screen readers will announce the number of items on a list if the list has been properly marked up with HTML list tags. The use of properly marked up lists is especially helpful for the navigation on a website. This kind of list can improve usability for screen reader users by letting them know the number of pages available on the site.

To mark up a set of related links as a list in Dreamweaver, select the link text for the links and choose the Unordered List button in the Properties Inspector.

Unordered List button in Properties Inspector.
Each list item will include a bullet, but you can remove these bullets using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to change the list styling. You can also use CSS to arrange the list items so that they appear on the same line on the web page.

The correct markup for an unordered list in HTML is to enclose the entire list in UL tags and then use LI tags for each list item. For example, to properly mark up a list with two items, use the following code:


<li>item 1</li>

<li>item 2</li>


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