The Firefox web browser supports a number of toolbar add-ons that can be used to check the accessibility of your website. Two of these toolbars are the Web Developer Toolbar and the WAVE toolbar available from WebAIM.

To check the accessibility of your website with the Web Developer Toolbar:

  1. Install the Web Developer Toolbar from the Firefox add-ons website at
  2. Open the website you want to check in Firefox.
  3. On the Web Developer Toolbar, select Tools, Section 508.
    Web Developer Toolbar, Tools menu with Validate Section 508 selected.

You will then see a full report of your site’s Section 508 compliance as determined by the Cynthia Says service.

To check your website’s accessibility using the WAVE toolbar:

  1. Install the WAVE toolbar by visiting with your Firefox web browser.
  2. Once the toolbar is installed, visit the website you want to check with Firefox and select Tools, Process with

    WAVE Toolbar, Tools menu with Process at selected.

Your website will open with embedded icons that will point out accessibility errors and accessibility features.To learn more about the icons, choose icons key at the top of the screen and then click on any icon to get a more detailed explanation of the accessibility problem or feature it describes.WAVE results with icon keys link at top of page highlighted.

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