Adding white space around your images can make it easier for the PDF Maker to properly tag your documents for accessibility when it does the conversion from Microsoft Word to the PDF document format.One way to add white space is by placing your cursor immediately after each image and adding a few carriage returns. However, a better way to add the white space is to use the Paragraph Styles built into Microsoft Word.

To add white space around an image using Paragraph Styles:

  1. In the Ribbon, select the Home tab, then in the Styles section select Change Styles.
    Change Styles button.
  2. Select Paragraph Spacing and choose one of the built-in styles. As you select each style set, you should see a real time preview in the document window (no spacing, compact, tight, relaxed, double, etc).
    Paragraph Spacing submenu selected in Change Styles menu.
  3. To customize the spacing, choose Custom Paragraph Spacing at the bottom of the list.
    Paragraph Spacing submenu, with Custom Paragraph Spacing at the bottom of the list.
  4. In the Manage Styles window, enter the amount of desired white space in the Before and After fields found under Paragraph Spacing.
    Paragraph Spacing options in Manage Styles window.

After you add the white space you should notice more separation between your images and the surrounding text, as well as between your paragraphs. This can make the paragraphs stand out so that they are easier to read.

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