Dreamweaver’s preferences include a setting that will remind you to add alt text to each image as you add it to a web page.

To enable the Dreamweaver accessibility preference for images:

  1. Choose Dreamweaver > Preferences on the Mac or Edit > Preferences on Windows. This will open the Dreamweaver preferences window.
  2. Choose Accessibility on the left side of the preferences window.
  3. Dreamweaver Preferences window with Accessibility selected on left side of the window.

  4. Check the box next to images on the right side of the preferences window.
  5. Accessibility options in Dreamweaver preferences.

  6. Once you enable this setting, a window will pop up each time you add an image to a Dreamweaver document. This popup window will include a text box where you can add your alt text.

Image tag accessibility attributes window pops up when you insert an image.

For decorative images, click on the pulldown menu to the right of the text box and choose empty. This will add a null alt attribute, which will allow screen readers to skip the decorative image.

Empty can be selected from pulldown menu for decorative images.

For more complex images, you can use the Long description text box to link to a more detailed description.

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