VoiceOver, the screenreader included with Mac OS X, ships with several voices. In addition to changing the voice used by VoiceOver, you can use the VoiceOver Utility to adjust other settings such as the speaking rate, pitch and intonation.

To change the voice used by VoiceOver and adjust the speaking rate and other settings:

  1. Choose Apple, System Preferences, Universal Access.
    System Preferences window with Universal Access highlighted.
  2. In the Seeing Tab, choose Open VoiceOver Utility.
    Seeing pane of Universal Access window with VoiceOver Utility button highlighted.
  3. Select the Speech category on the left side of the window, then select the Voices pane.
    VoiceOver Utility window with Speech option selected=
  4. Use the controls in the Voices pane to select a voice and adjust the speaking rate, pitch, volume and intonation.

The VoiceOver voice settings can be quickly changed using just the keyboard. To do this, press Control, Option, Command and the Right Arrow key while VoiceOver is running, then use the Left and Right Arrow keys to navigate the different voice settings. To change the value of any setting, press the Up or Down Arrow keys on your keyboard.

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