Social bookmarking involves saving bookmarks online so you can access them from any computer as well as share them with others. There are several websites that allow you to do this: Furl, Backflip, ma.gnolia, and (now owned by Yahoo!) is one of the most popular ones. When you register with you have the option of installing special browser buttons that allow you to add any page you visit to your online bookmark collection without having to go to the site. also supports importing bookmarks from most web browsers, so if you already have a collection of bookmarks on your computer you don’t have to start from scratch when you set up a account. Once you have added bookmarks to your account (either by posting or by importing), you can use tags and bundles to organize your bookmarks into categories. The use of tags is a key feature of most social bookmarking sites. Tags are similar to keywords you can use to browse or search your bookmark collection. makes it easy to share your bookmarks. You can build a network of other users you want to share bookmarks with, or you can use the built-in RSS feed to share your bookmarks with anyone on the Web.

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