VoiceOver may have problems pronouncing certain words, such as acronyms and abbreviations, correctly. To make sure VoiceOver pronounces these items correctly you can adjust the pronunciation settings in the VoiceOver Utility.

To change the VoiceOver pronunciation settings:

  1. Choose Apple, System Preferences, Universal Access.
    System Preferences window with Universal Access highlighted.
  2. Choose Open VoiceOver Utility in the Seeing pane of the Universal Access window.
    Seeing pane of Universal Access window with VoiceOver Utility button highlighted.
  3. Select the Pronunciation tab of the Speech pane.
    VoiceOver utility window with Pronunciation tab of Speech pane selected.
  4. Click on the Add button at the bottom of the window (the Plus icon), then enter the word VoiceOver is not pronouncing correctly in the Text field and the desired pronunciation in the Substitution field. Press Return to finish adding the new pronunciation.
    Pronunciation tab of Speech pane with Add button highlighted.
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