If you want to text, audio, or video chat with more than one buddy, you can connect an unlimited number of people in one text conference, up to 10 total people in an audio conference, and up to four total people in a video conference, as long as your system supports it (the person initiating the conference has to have at least a G5 or dual G4 processor).

To start a conference:

  1. Select the buddies that you want to participate in your conference (hold down the Command key to select more than one buddy).
  2. Click the “A” button to start a text conference, the phone button to start an audio conference, or the movie camera conference. As your participants accept your invitation, they will be able to send text, talk, or visually interact with everyone who joins.
  3. You or anyone else can end the conference at anytime by closing the chat window; the chat will continue as long as there are still active participants.
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