Your browser is equipped with many useful features to assist you in navigating through the Web. These features are labeled in the picture below:

  1. Menu bar

    The menu bar, located at the very top of the screen, can be accessed using the mouse. When you hold down the mouse button over an item in the main menu, a sub menu is “pulled down” that has a variety of options. Actions that are in black can be performed, while actions that cannot be performed will be in gray or lightened. The submenus provide keyboard shortcuts for many common actions, allowing you to implement the functions faster than using the mouse.

  2. Tool bar

    The tool bar is located at the top of the browser; it contains navigational buttons for the Web. Basic functions of these buttons include:

    Command Function
    Home Opens or returns to starting page
    Back Takes you to the previous page
    Forward Takes you to the next page
    Print Prints current page
    Stop Stops loading a page
    Reload Refresh/redisplays current page
    Search Accesses search engine
  3. Location bar

    The location bar, below the tool bar, is a box labeled “Location,” “GoTo,” or “Address.” You can type in a site’s address, and press the Return or Enter key to open the site.

  4. Status bar

    The status bar is located at the very bottom of the browser window. You can watch the progress of a web page download to determine if the host computer has been contacted and text and images are being downloaded.

  5. Scroll bar

    The scroll bar is the vertical bar located on the right of the browser window. You can scroll up and down a web page by placing the cursor on the slider control and holding down the mouse button.

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