Picasa allows you to create a web page with your photos in two different ways: as a web gallery, which has to be uploaded to a web server before it can be accessed by other people, or as a web album which is hosted on the Picasa servers and is immediately available online when it […]

To view your pictures as a slideshow in Picasa, select an album or label and then click on the Slideshow button at the top of the Picasa window. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Control + 4 or select Album > View Slideshow from the menu bar. To access slideshow controls as the slideshow […]

You can use Picasa’s crop feature to remove unwanted parts of any photo. Cropping can also be used to improve the composition of a photo. To crop a photo, first open it in the editing window by double-clicking on it in the Lightbox, then select the Basic Fixes tab and click on the Crop button. […]

After you have taken pictures of your students with your digital camera, you’ll want to copy the pictures from your camera to your computer so you can print them, share them with your students, and back them up for safe keeping. Once your pictures are on your computer, you can erase them from your camera, […]

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