The Simple Finder feature of Mac OS X can help keep students on task by presenting a simpler interface with fewer distractions. With Simple Finder you can also control the applications and folders students can access on the computer.

The iPhoto interface consists of four main areas: the Source list, the Info/Keywords/Calendar area, the Viewing area, and the Toolbar. The Source List displays any albums, slideshows, or books you’ve created. Your iPhoto Library will be listed at the top of the Source List. The Library contains all the photos you have imported into iPhoto. […]

Exposé is a window management application included in OS X. Exposé allows you to view all open windows using a keystroke, giving you a quick way to find the one you want to open. To activate Exposé, press the F9 key on your keyboard. All of the windows you have open will be displayed as […]

The dock is the bar of icons that usually appears at the bottom of your screen. The dock offers a quick way to launch and manage applications. To launch an application, all you have to do is click on its icon in the Dock. To quit an application, you can click and hold the pointer […]

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