Internet Explorer is the default web browser on Windows. This tutorial will cover the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts for browsing the Web with Internet Explorer.

There has been some debate in the web accessibility community as to whether it is a good practice to provide text resizing widgets on web pages. One opinion on this topic is that users should learn how to resize the text using the zoom options provided by the web browser, as not every web page will have text resize widgets. In this tutorial, you will learn how to zoom the text and layout in the most popular Windows web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Web browsers keep track of the websites you have visited in case you want to go back to them later. In Internet Explorer you can view a list of the most recently visited sites by choosing View, Go To. A list of recently visited web sites will be displayed to the right. You can go […]

A web browser is the software used to download and display web pages on your computer. A web browser can communicate with a web server using the http protocol to download the pages you request, usually by clicking on a hyperlink. A browser can translate HTML, the language used to create web pages, into the […]

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