In order to be really sure who is sending you an email you will have to carefully examine the email headers. This is also a place you can look to catch spam emails. To view all the headers for a message in Mail, select View, Message, Long Headers. The headers will be displayed at the […]

Phishing is the practice of using spam emails to fool people into revealing private information that can be used for identity theft. The typical phishing scam involves an email that looks like it was sent by a legitimate organization such as a bank, credit card company, or online store such as eBay or Paypal. The […]

The term spam refers to unsolicited emails. Spam is often sent by mass mailing operations that use computers to send millions of messages in a short period of time. Spam has become a popular marketing tactic because it is cheap and easy to send. Also, many spammers set up their accounts overseas in countries where […]

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