There has been some debate in the web accessibility community as to whether it is a good practice to provide text resizing widgets on web pages. One opinion on this topic is that users should learn how to resize the text using the zoom options provided by the web browser, as not every web page will have text resize widgets. In this tutorial, you will learn how to zoom the text and layout in the most popular Windows web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Dreamweaver will let you adjust the font type, text size, and line-height in your web documents. This tutorial will show you how to adjust the text settings in Dreamweaver to make the body text in your web pages easier to read.

Reading on a computer screen is not the same as reading on paper. Reading on a computer screen tends to be slower and more tiring on the eyes, but by paying attention to a few elements of typography you can make it easier to read your content online.

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