The use of styles to create headings and lists in Microsoft Word can benefit people with cognitive disabilities by making the content easier to scan and by allowing you to split long documents into smaller segments. Headings can also be converted to bookmarks when you export your PDF document from Microsoft Word. These bookmarks can provide additional navigation to people who rely on a screen reader to access the PDF document.

The web rotor is a special VoiceOver gesture for quickly navigating a web page in Mobile Safari using lists of headings, links, form controls and other structural elements. For the web rotor to work well, the author of the web page has to properly structure the web page with headings and other structural elements when it is authored.

When reading a web page, most screen readers will announce the number of items on a list if the list has been properly marked up with HTML list tags.The use of properly marked up lists is especially helpful for the navigation on a website. This kind of list can improve usability for screen reader users by letting them know the number of pages available on the site.

Including a skip navigation or skip to content link at the top of your web pages will improve navigation on your website for screen reader users and for those who can only use the keyboard for navigation. This kind of link will let a screen reader or keyboard user skip the navigation and other repetitive elements of a web page and go directly to the main content section of that page.

This tutorial shows you how to add supplementary information for links by using link titles in Dreamweaver.

Link titles provide additional information about a link when you hover over that link with your mouse. However, not everyone who visits your website can benefit from link titles. For this reason, you should only use link titles for supplementary information about a link. Information that is critical for understanding the link should be included in the page text itself.

Most screen readers support a keyboard shortcut for navigating the content on a web page using headings. This feature can provide additional navigation for people with visual impairments who use screen readers to browse the web. Headings also separate the content on a web page into more manageable sections for people with cognitive disabilities.

Most of your interaction with VoiceOver will involve the use of keyboard shortcuts, and many of these shortcuts will include the Control and Option keys. These keys are known as the VoiceOver (VO) keys. Quick Nav is a new feature in Mac OS X that allows you to navigate without having to use the VO keys. Quick Nav uses the arrow keys arranged as an inverted T on your keyboard for navigation.

Like many websites, the USF website features a text only version of the site that has been optimized for screen readers. This tutorial covers how to access the text-only version of the USF website with NVDA, but the navigation shortcuts will work on any website.

This tutorial covers the navigation shortcuts for reading the contents of a web page with NVDA.

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