iPhoto allows you to back up your photos by copying them (“burning”) to a CD or DVD, depending on what kind of drive you have on your computer. To copy images to a CD or DVD, first make sure you have some blank media in the drive, and that the media matches the capabilities of […]

You can use iPhoto to order professional-quality prints of your photos. The Order Prints service in iPhoto makes it easy to choose a print size and quantity for each of your photos and specify a delivery address. You will need to have an internet connection before you can use the Order Prints service to place […]

Printing your pictures with iPhoto is easy. Select the album, roll, or individual image you want to use, then select File, Print. In the print dialog box, you can see a preview of your printed image or images in the small window on the left. Select a printer from the list at the top, then […]

iPhoto gives you many ways of sharing your pictures with friends and relatives. One of the most popular ways is by emailing them as attachments using the Mail program that comes installed with OS X. To email pictures as attachments in iPhoto: Select the pictures you want to send. Click on the email button or […]

A web gallery consists of a web page that displays thumbnails of the pictures you select to export in iPhoto. The webpage also allows the person viewing the gallery to click on a thumbnail to open a larger version of the picture. iPhoto integrates well with iWeb, the new web design program included in iLife […]

There are several ways to create a slideshow in iPhoto: You can select an album from the Source list and click on the Slideshow button on the toolbar, or You can select individual pictures in an album and click on the Slideshow button to create a slideshow with only the selected pictures. Once you create […]

You will find two ways to fix colors in iPhoto. The first way is by using the automatic color correction feature of iPhoto by clicking on the Enhance button (the one that looks like a magic wand). iPhoto will then automatically adjust the exposure and attempt to fix the colors in your image. In addition […]

To begin cropping an image in iPhoto, click with your pointer on an area of the image then drag to enclose the area you wish to keep and click on the Crop button or press Return on your keyboard. You can also choose preset image dimensions from the Constrain pulldown menu next to the Crop […]

Before you can work with your photos in iPhoto, you must first import them as follows: Connect your digital camera to your Mac using a USB cable. Turn the camera on and set it to the correct mode for playback (this will vary by model). iPhoto will automatically open in Import mode. You will see […]

The primary way to reduce the file size of an image is by increasing the amount of compression. In most image editing applications this is done by changing your settings in the Save As dialog box after you select a compressed format such as GIF or JPEG. Adobe Photoshop uses a separate Save for Web […]

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