Flickr is an online photo hosting program that can also be used to host presentations online if you export your Powerpoint slides as images. To save your slides as images in Powerpoint: Select File > Save As. Select JPEG or GIF from the Format pulldown menu. Click on Save to save your slides to a […]

Picasa allows you to easily back up the photos and movies on your computer for safekeeping. To create a backup, you must first insert a blank CD-R or CD-RW in your computer’s writable drive, then select Tools, Backup Pictures. This will open the Backup your photos window. At the bottom of the window, under Step […]

Picasa allows you to order prints from some of the most popular online print providers. To order prints, select the pictures you want to have printed in the Lightbox so that they are in the Picture Tray. Next, click on the Order Prints button to open up a list of online print providers. When you […]

To print pictures using Picasa, first make sure the pictures you want to print are in the Picture Tray by selecting them in the Lightbox. Next, click on the Print button to open up the Print window. At the top of this window, you can select a layout and Picasa will automatically resize the pictures […]

To email pictures in your Picasa library, first make sure they are in the Picture Tray, then click on the Email button. Depending on how you have Picasa configured, this will open up your default email program, or a window that allows you to connect to the free GMail web email service from Google. You […]

Picasa allows you to create a web page with your photos in two different ways: as a web gallery, which has to be uploaded to a web server before it can be accessed by other people, or as a web album which is hosted on the Picasa servers and is immediately available online when it […]

Picasa can be used to create a web gallery that can be uploaded to any web server. A web gallery consists of a web page that displays thumbnails of the pictures you select in Picasa. The webpage also allows the person viewing the gallery to click on a thumbnail to open a larger version of […]

There are a couple of ways to upload pictures to your Blogger account using Picasa. You can use the BlogThis! button to open up a window where you can sign in to your Blogger account. Once you log in, you will be able to enter some text to go along with your pictures. […]

To view your pictures as a slideshow in Picasa, select an album or label and then click on the Slideshow button at the top of the Picasa window. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Control + 4 or select Album > View Slideshow from the menu bar. To access slideshow controls as the slideshow […]

You can use the Effects tab of the editing window to change the appearance of your pictures using Picasa’s built-in filters. You apply an effect by clicking on the button that has a thumbnail of your image with the effect applied to it. This is meant to give you an idea of what the effect […]

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