While the ePub standard was created with text documents in mind, the Pages program on the Mac can create ePub documents with embedded images. However, the current version of Pages (Pages ’09) does not allow for alternative text to be added to each image in an ePub document. Without alternative text, someone accessing the ePub document on an iPad with the iBooks app and the VoiceOver screen reader will hear the file name of each image, instead of a more useful description. This tutorial will demonstrate a technique for adding alternative text to ePub documents exported from Pages. This will make the documents more accessible to those who rely on VoiceOver to have ebooks read aloud to them on the iPad.

ePub is a standard for digital publishing maintained by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IPDF). For more information about this standard, visit http://idpf.org/epub. The ePub format is intended for the creation of ebooks with reflowable text. Pages, the word processing and page layout program included in the iWorks suite for the Mac, has an export to ePub feature that makes it easy to publish documents in ePub format. These documents can be opened with the free iBooks app from Apple on any IOS mobile device. iBooks has many accessibility features for people with print disabilities, including resizable fonts and support for the VoiceOver screen reader built into IOS.

iBooks is the free ebook reader app from Apple that works on any IOS device. iBooks includes support for resizing text and changing the font and background to make text easier to read for people with print disabilities. It also includes a built-in dictionary, highlighting and notes to support active reading strategies. This tutorial covers the instructional supports built into iBooks.

With iPhoto, you can also create your own beautifully designed photo books to print yourself, or you can have them professionally bound and shipped directly to you. In your photo book, you can add your own text and choose from a variety of professionally designed themes. To create a new book in iPhoto: Select an […]

Picasa allows you to order prints from some of the most popular online print providers. To order prints, select the pictures you want to have printed in the Lightbox so that they are in the Picture Tray. Next, click on the Order Prints button to open up a list of online print providers. When you […]

To print pictures using Picasa, first make sure the pictures you want to print are in the Picture Tray by selecting them in the Lightbox. Next, click on the Print button to open up the Print window. At the top of this window, you can select a layout and Picasa will automatically resize the pictures […]

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