Safari’s accessibility preferences can make the text on a web page easier to read for those with low vision, as well as improve keyboard navigation for those who are not able to use a mouse.

There has been some debate in the web accessibility community as to whether it is a good practice to provide text resizing widgets on web pages. One opinion on this topic is that users should learn how to resize the text using the zoom options provided by the web browser, as not every web page will have text resize widgets. In this tutorial, you will learn how to zoom the text and layout in the most popular Mac web browsers: Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

The Web Rotor provides an easier way to navigate a web page with VoiceOver using lists of headings, links, forms and other items on a web page.

You can easily add a link to a webpage to any message in Mail. To add your hyperlink, select some text in the body of the message you are composing, then select Edit, Add Hyperlink. Enter the URL of the webpage you want to link to, then click on OK and your hyperlink will be […]

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